Thursday, January 19, 2012

And Now We WAIT...

Guess what today was?? You got it today was TRANSFER day :)
Upon arrival at the Med Center with IP's in tow we were given an update on how the little egglets were doing. As of this morning 5 of the 6 fertilized eggs were still doing good and splitting as planned and #6 still has hope to catch up. We were told that 2 lil embies were getting transfered a 7c and a 9c. While we are all a bit concerned on the chance of Twins + we were also super excited that our chances of success increase with them putting 2 back.
After some arm twisting I was able to get the big bro to come along with me and J into the OR to watch his potential child/ren be placed on my super fluffy uterine lining. :) They put on their hazmat suits and away we went into the sterile santuary of the OR, well...after taking a few snapshots of our silly looking selves

Look he secretly does want 2...LOL we enter the dreaded 2WW and atleast 3 and maybe 4 lil Embies get turned into Totsicles today.
Keep sending all that Babydust...and I will update soon!!