Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Looking good :)

Let me start off by saying that this started off as a really informative well written post, However as i went to send it to the blog wall something horrible happened and I accidentally deleted everything i just spent an hour writing...Grrrr. Well here's the shorter more boring version.

Monday's U/S showed that there were definitely some nice follicles growing but the RE's office was concerned that my estradiol level was getting too high too fast.(it was in the mid 400's) Decision was made to cut the Follistim in half to 150i/u daily...One less shot for me=no problem.

A second U/S today showed very similar results many nice 12-14 Folli's and a perfectly pillowed lining, however Estradiol is still climbing, (mid 900's). To be honest I have no idea on how this effects this whole process, but since they keep commenting on how they need to make sure the eggs have time to catch up I am assuming it has to do with Follicle growth or ovulation in some way??(The RE did try to explain it to me and said it isn't a huge deal, but I still don't quite understand)...Google here I come :-)

Anywho...another monitoring appointment has been scheduled for Friday morning with the close to home center who has been doing my monitoring. Meds will continue the same as before today. And I have already been warned that I will probably be making the 80mile drive daily trips over the weekend and thereafter to see our RE until retrieval which is expected Monday or Tuesday if not sooner!

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