Thursday, August 30, 2012

30 Days

Well folks we are getting close! Tomorrow Me, D&J go in for what will most likely be the final U/S for Baby K. Even better than that today is what we are hoping to be 30 days till his arrival. Last week we went in to the OB's office for the standard 33 wk fetal check up and the Dr. had suggested that we decide on an induction date. We informed her how much easier it would be for me and my kids if his arrival fell on a weekend and asked her how early she would let us do it. She said since all the U/S's to date have shown his developmental EDD to be 9/30 that she would let us induce anytime after 9/ we picked 9/29.

Backing up a little...The last few weeks have been exhausting. The bank decided that we needed to make repairs to the house I am trying to get before we are able to close. So with the help of my brother, father and a few other wonderful family members we were able to spend about 5 days total putting in new flooring/carpet throughout the whole place and giving the bathroom and a few walls a new updated look. I am started to get real frustrated with the delays, especially since the school at the new house is already in session and our old/current district is delayed this year until Sept. 10, so my kids are going to miss nearly 2 whole weeks of classes if we don't get a clear to close date soon...

On a cheerier note this weekend we had a baby shower to celebrate Baby was a great success and it was nice to see all of the support D&J have from their friends and family. Overall there were over 50 guests that came to enjoy the food and our not-so-traditional baby shower games, like pin-the-sperm-on-the-egg(with diaper blindfolds)!! Overall everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and D&J got lots of new stuff for Baby K. And because D&J are super awesome IP's I got a present too...they bought me a new TV for my new house :)...check back soon for updates