Thursday, January 5, 2012

IVF- Here we go!

So much has happened in such a short period of time that I don't even know where to start. The Attorney I chose to use was out of the country during the Christmas/New Year weeks so we had to wait for him to fax the doctor verification that everything was good on the legal side. Luckily he came back on the 2nd...just in time...because Aunt Flo decided to come over a week earlier than expected and along with her I got some sort of Flu bug for New Years that is just now letting up.

With AF showing up early a lot had to happen very quickly in order to get started on injections in time to make a go this round. Lucky for us my AMH level was concidered to be low enough at 1.25 that I didn't need to start Lupron injections until CD 3-5. and even luckier for us we had our Psycholgical stuff done with the new RE's recommended Dr, so the nurse was able to get all of our records expidited and transfered the same day.

Tuesday the RE ordered all of the medications I will need for the month...Yesterday I recieved them and can you say OVERWHELMING?!!

There were WAY more meds than she initially told me about, most of which I found out today are for after the transfer.

So today I had my baseline U/S and blood work done to verify all sysyems were a go...I have to admit I was a little worried that after having the flu that my blood counts wouldn't cooperate...but they were all PERFECT! Lupron (micrdose)injections 20units start tonight and continue twice daily throughout the next few wks and Follistim starts Tomorrow morning 150units twice daily.
Next U/S and labs are on Monday morning!!


  1. So exciting!! Getting that box of meds is like Christmas (even if it is completely overwhelming at the same time! :D )

    1. Thanks and you are right...I couldnt wait to rip open the box and see what was inside...and even though it seemed like a lot at first it is all very managable and so not that big of a deal:)