Friday, February 3, 2012

Drumroll Please!

After a very long and stressfull 2WW filled with so many hormones that make me super emotional one minute and pscho bitch the next...the results are finally in...14dp3dt and Beta is 688.4!!! Oh yeah that is definately a BFP!!! Needless to say D&J are psyched! Me being me I decided to take the 2 hr trip to their house to deliver the news myself. All in all I am glad I did, their response was priceless, especially IM who nearly tackled me at the door as I marched in with flowers and balloons in hand. Totally wishing I had a cameraman there because it was great!!
RE says that is a fantastic number and that we have great reason to be very optomistic. For now we can only speculate as to how many lil beans are in there. After hours spent studying beta threads it seems that it could easily mean 1 or 2?? Guess only time will tell. Next week I will get a 2nd beta at 21dp3dt to make sure all is still going good and in 2 wks an U/S to hopefully see one beautiful HB but 2 would be OK too :)
In the meantime I must continue the Estrogen patches and to take the PIO injections every day.

I can't even begin to tell everyone how much all of the prayers and well wishes mean to all of us. And it is still very early so definately keep em coming! THANK YOU ALL SOOOO MUCH!! Most of all I would like to send a special thank you to the NBNL Foundation. You guys are truely making a dream come true for D&J and also for the rest of us who have stood by helplessly as they dealt with infertility and all of it's trials.

Check back soon for more updates :-)


  1. SO EXCITING!! Huge congrats to you and your IPs on the very strong beta!! :)

    1. Thanks! And good luck to you also as you enter into the final few wks of your journey :)

  2. What an incredible feeling, huh!?! Congratulations!