Monday, March 4, 2013

Time flies when you are having fun

Some days...well most days it is hard to believe that Corbin is now 5 month's old. I have been fully intending on updating this blog with lots of pictures of the little man who has stolen the hearts of so many and has changed his parents life forever! But like everything else in my world the little things like blog's get pushed aside for all the rest of the crazy things my life entails.

So let's catch up. Since September a lot has happened. Shortly after Corbin's arrival I decided that it was in everyone's best interest if I went back on my anxiety meds since I wasn't sure how the drop in hormones would affect my moods and since I already had so much on my plate... My oldest son turned 16 in December(and has been doing a large majority of the driving since), I returned back to school in Jan to attempt to get into a radiology technology program(almost officially there), and in mid Feb. the little girls that I was kinship fostering went back home to their parents shortly after celebrating their 2nd and 3rd birthdays. My daughter is finished with her swim season for a few months, And last but not least my 'baby' has turned 9 yrs. old and now has his very own cell phone...OMG I feel so old! It has really been an emotional roller-coaster for me. Fortunately though all the emotion has been fairly positive or I probably would have melted down by now.

Now back to the good stuff that everyone really wants to see...
        Almost 2 mos. old
 Kisses from Grandma
this is his 'Don't you wish you were loved this much' face
 Mommy and Corbin at a family member's benefit
 All of us finally celebrating Corbin's Final 'Adoption' day

The Happy one proud judge
Hi everyone!
I'm 5 months Now

Monday, October 1, 2012

He's Here!

It's a BOY!
September 29 2012
Corbin Rehe
7 lbs 13 oz
20.5 inches
11:48 am

We reported to the hospital at 6:00am on Sat morning as requested. Pitocin was started at 7am, Dr came and broke water somewhere around 9 am. Epidural was given 10-10:30 (which took over half hour since the anesthesiologist couldn't get it in, and had to change locations on my spine). Doctor was called back to the hospital to deliver at 11ish( I was progressing fast and didn't want her to miss it, she was at a restaurant with her family and had to leave them there to be with me) Doctor came in at 11:20ish and after a few short moments of pushing he was here :) 
This has been one great journey for me and I'm sure D&J feel the same...We couldn't be more blessed to have such great family and friends in our lives and I am glad that we were able to share this journey with the world as well. More on the birthing fun later...for now I leave you with all the good stuff :)

Welcome to the World


Dave and Jenn 
had the hospital staff put his lil footprints on their shirts


First Weigh In


Mommy finally gets some snuggle time

And so does Daddy

His first bath

All ready to go home at about 30 hours old

The Happy Family

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Final Stretch

It's getting close to D-day! Doctor had me scheduled to get a Non-Stress test done this morning but the Maternity Center at our local hospital didn't have a monitor available so they called and rescheduled it for tomorrow...I had scheduled it for a time that I already had another appointment (pretty sure this baby is taking all my brain juice some days) so I called them immediately back to re-reschedule, and I am glad I did. 
The delivering Dr was there and after she talked to me on the phone, asking the basic questions, decided that the test would not be necessary and that I could instead just come in on Sat morn and get induced ;-)
So guess what my next post will be about??
Stay tuned for delivery updates and pics and please keep us all in your prayers for a speedy and complication free Birthday for Baby-K!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

2 Weeks Notice

Can anyone else even believe that Mr. Baby K will be here in under 2 wks...I am so excited to meet him, probably not quite as excited as D&J are but pretty close! I am also very ready to have my body back to single occupancy :) 

Just to catch everyone back up...2 wks ago we went in for the millionth U/S to make sure all was still good on Baby boy's development and growth. It was great, possibly too great since the tech says he is looking like a big baby...but anyways he is still perfect in every way.
Went to OB appt last wk for what is supposed to be the next to last fetal check-up before delivery day, which is still tentatively scheduled for Sat. 9/29 supposing he behaves himself and doesn't come sooner. Found out at that Appt that my Group B strep test came back negative, which is great since I am sure that D&J will be nervous enough and the antibiotics would have just given them one more thing to worry about that day.
This coming Thurs I will go in to OB again so that she can check for dilation and so forth and at that appt we are supposed to set up a day for me to go to the delivery hospital to get some final monitoring done a day or two before delivery. 
Baby wasn't cooperating during the last U/S so we didn't get any pictures of him to share, but fret not...soon we will have lots and lots and lots of pics of him in living color for all to see :D

In other news:  On Sept 4 I managed to convince the very patient and understanding owner of the house we are in the process of buying to let me and the kids move into the property ahead of a closing date, so that my kids wouldn't miss anymore of the new school year. So the last few weekends have been very busy for all of us as we are still getting settled in. And of course in true fashion, the house refuses to behave itself, so my very helpful family, especially my soon to be a father Brother and my Dad, has been doing a great job of getting things in working order for me and the kids before Baby K gets here and begins to demand all of their attention. I gotta give them credit, they never complain. We should be finally 'officially' closing on the house this week and I couldn't be happier to get that out of the way, especially since we haven't been able to bring my dogs with us to the new house yet and I am really starting to miss all the craziness they provide to our lives.

Well time for this excessively pregnant person to crawl into bed and catch a few winks. Sleep has been a precious commodity this last few weeks, since my bladder, which is pretty good during the day, seems to only hold about 2 ounces during the nighttime hours...I'm sure the 7 lbs of ice I eat a day doesn't help, or it could be the 7 or so lb child that resides there like to sleep on it. Well hopefully now that I have my Internet back I will be able to update again sooner than delivery time...but if not keep us in your prayers for a safe and speedy delivery :)

Thursday, August 30, 2012

30 Days

Well folks we are getting close! Tomorrow Me, D&J go in for what will most likely be the final U/S for Baby K. Even better than that today is what we are hoping to be 30 days till his arrival. Last week we went in to the OB's office for the standard 33 wk fetal check up and the Dr. had suggested that we decide on an induction date. We informed her how much easier it would be for me and my kids if his arrival fell on a weekend and asked her how early she would let us do it. She said since all the U/S's to date have shown his developmental EDD to be 9/30 that she would let us induce anytime after 9/ we picked 9/29.

Backing up a little...The last few weeks have been exhausting. The bank decided that we needed to make repairs to the house I am trying to get before we are able to close. So with the help of my brother, father and a few other wonderful family members we were able to spend about 5 days total putting in new flooring/carpet throughout the whole place and giving the bathroom and a few walls a new updated look. I am started to get real frustrated with the delays, especially since the school at the new house is already in session and our old/current district is delayed this year until Sept. 10, so my kids are going to miss nearly 2 whole weeks of classes if we don't get a clear to close date soon...

On a cheerier note this weekend we had a baby shower to celebrate Baby was a great success and it was nice to see all of the support D&J have from their friends and family. Overall there were over 50 guests that came to enjoy the food and our not-so-traditional baby shower games, like pin-the-sperm-on-the-egg(with diaper blindfolds)!! Overall everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and D&J got lots of new stuff for Baby K. And because D&J are super awesome IP's I got a present too...they bought me a new TV for my new house :)...check back soon for updates

Sunday, July 22, 2012

28wk Fun

Well it has been another crazy busy week. I managed however to go and get the 1 hr glucose test done and last weekend we went for the 3D U/S...Here are a few of the  pics that D&J got from the 28 wk U/S. 
 I am starting to think this kid is gonna be born with one very stiff arm, as he has had it up by his head like in every U/S we have had...

 This was my first experience with the 3D U/S and I must say, it was pretty cool to get to actually get an idea of what he will look like.

According to the U/S tech he is still measuring an EDD of 9/30...which is 1 wk ahead of schedule so there is a good chance we are already in our final 10 wks :)

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Well today I went in for my 27wk checkup...I can hardly believe how fast this is all flying by. It seems like just last week that I was telling everyone about the 20 wk appointment. Now here we are 7 whole weeks have gone by!!

I just happened to peek at my little countdown calender widget this morning and saw that there is only 89 days until Baby K's due date! Wow, that actually sounds better than 13 wks, this is getting very real...and the closer we get the more excited I am getting for D&J. The closer we get to Due date I am also finding it very strange but also kind of comforting that I don't feel any real emotional or should I say maternal bond to this baby. I have heard a thousand surrogates say the same thing but never really understood what they meant until just recently. Now I'm not saying I don't love the little guy already...he is my nephew and I am just as excited as the next family member to meet him, but it truely is different than when you are pregnant with your own kids and I am happy about it because...well...he isn't mine, so I'm pretty sure it is supposed to feel different?? Am I wrong?

Anyways, Baby K is still doing just fine as am I. Doctor said today that I am the easiest patient she has ever had...what can I say, I have always had uneventful pregnancies...and that is just fine for me. Baby is still not a super active little guy, IM says he is just being polite since he knows he's living in borrowed space, the doc insists it is just because I am so active. Today she told me to start doing fetal kick counts and that as long as he moves around 10 times in an hour during his most active parts of the day(for me it seems to be bedtime) that he is perfectly fine and no red flags will be raised. I am comfortable with that strategy since I know for sure he moves that much at least.

Saturday we get to go in for the 28wk 3D U/S. I never got a 3D with any of my own kiddo's, so I'm super excited to get to experience this one with D&J.
Sometime next week I have to find some extra time to go get the 28 week glucose tolerance test's the one thing I find repulsive in pregnancy, but I suppose it is necessary so I will suck it up and get it done like a good girl :)

Hopefully we get some great pics of the little guy to share with you all this weekend...
The next few wks and months are surely gonna be busy as my divorce will be finalizing and me and all the kids will be moving into our new home and I'm not gonna even try and promise to update often. But I will try, especially as we near the home stretch.