Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Well yesterday was retrieval day...overall not that bad of an experience. I woke up today feeling like I had been run over by a truck, but I'm pretty sure that was my fibromyalgia's reation to the anestesia more than that of the procedure.

Now to the good stuff

A total of 8 eggs were retrieved, seven of which were mature and according to the lab call I got this morning 6 of those fertilized. We will find out how they are all doing tomorrow morning and will be told at that time whether we go in on Thurs for a 3dt or Sat for a 5dt...and then we start the dreaded 2WW.

I suppose I should also add that today I had to start taking the PIO injections. TBH thosse things have been intimidating my dreams and had me scared to death...Even the doctors were scared when I informed them that I intended to give them to myself. yeah I am a bit of a contral freak, but even if i wasn't my choices were my husband who can't even take the dogs to the vet for shots and my dad who has moments of extreme shakiness... Now don't get me wrong I am not afraid of needles, shots or even pain but I have read enough blogs and forums to know that those things suck! Anyways, I figured I would go for it and thanks to the circles that I had the nurse draw on my hind quarters and some tips from a few blogs of those of you who have been here...it was nothing!

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