Tuesday, February 28, 2012

8wk Check

Finally got in to the new OB's office today...she was at the hospital on a delivery this morning so I had to wait a while for her return, but the alternative was to reschedule for  different wk and I just am not that patient. So wait I did, and it was worth it because she was great! I was a little surprised because she decided to do another U/S today and I was just expecting a paperwork/meet the Doc type of appt that you normally have with any doctor's office.

But, anyways...our official Due date is Oct 10th ish, the U/S looked great, and I am happy to announce that Baby K at 8 wks has a definable head now :-)...and is starting to look much more humanoid-like.

As for me I am still feeling fine. I have always been kinda lucky with pregnancy, as far a morning sickness etc. For now I am just trying to avoid this crazy flu bug that everyone is getting. Yesterday I had two kids home sick and today one of the lil girls is hacking up all kinds of goo. So today has been a day full of trying to teach a 2 yr old how to cover her mouth when she coughs.

Still have to take the PIO for 2 more wks, which is becoming more difficult since my butt muscles seem to be running out of good spots and I often have to restick a few times to avoid ridiculous spasms and or blood flowing from the site of injection...but i made it this far, I figure there is no sence in switching to to the suppositories now. The new OB plans to see me every 3 wks for basic checks/blood work etc so time should go by pretty fast since Baby is already 20% done baking :-)

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