Monday, April 16, 2012

Casino Night

Had a wonderful time at the New Blossoms New Life Foundation casino night benefit on Saturday! It was fantastic to see so many people come out to support such a great cause. This was my families 2nd year to attend this event, our first as family members of recipients who were blessed to benefit directly. As you may recall, thanks to NBNL my IP's were given the opportunity to take this one final attempt at having a child via IVF/surrogacy.

With this organization, the founders, Chris and Renea, have created a living legacy for their beautiful little girl who was taken from them at a very young age. It is people like them that continually reassure my faith in the Lord, and we will all be forever grateful to them for what they have done for my brother and sister-in law as well as so many other families who have battled infertility for so many years.

I think IM put it the best when speaking at the benefit..."Although we will never be able to repay them for what they have done...Chris and Renea along with their daughter Maggie will live in our hearts and the heart of this child forever..."

In other news...15wk OB appt tomorrow morning, just a few more wks and we will know if D&J are having a boy or girl :)


  1. What a wonderful organization.

    15 weeks! It's flying by! (For me, of course.) :)

  2. They Are the best!! And it is flying for me too...hard to believe we are almost halfway to full term...:)