Wednesday, March 28, 2012

12 Wk U/S

Yesterday I went in for the big 12 week check-up and the OB decided to do yet another U/S just to check the lil one out...once again S/He is perfect, slightly alien-like but I guess u will have that at this point. Looking forward to having a less-stressful 2nd trimester, but short of secluding myself on my own happy island somewhere I doubt that will happen. It is however already a lot better not having to take those darn shots every day, and immediately after stopping them I noticed that my energy levels definately increased 3 fold. OK, OK here is a pic...

Hands up eyes and mouth open!! Kinda cool and creepy at same time :-) I gotta say I love this new OB mostly because she loves her little U/S machine, so we will prob be seeing him/her again at my 15 wk appt...
In other news, Went to court on Monday with the hopes of finding out that the little girls would be heading home with their parents by the middle of my 3rd Trimester at latest...only to find out that that most likely won't happen. So I am sad for them because they really do miss their parents and scared about not knowing what will have to happen if for some reason it becomes too much for me or I have to be put on long bedrest/hosp stays etc...gonna talk to the caseworker today to see about having someone else certified as a kinship/foster, just in case.

Well since I am a horrible updater, I would like to wish everyone a Happy Easter now because I will probably forget with all the holiday madness and travel that usually comes with family holidays!!

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