Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I am REALLY Bad at this :)

Yeah I know I never update...but something else always seems to take priority. Anyways, today I went in for my 18WK check-up. Yep you read that right....18 WKS already. This pregnancy is seriously flying by, which in someways I find very unfair because with my own kids it seemed like every trimester took FOREVER. Oh well I guess I shouldn't complain, fast is good right??
Since I am a bad blogger and never updated after my 15 wk appt I guess I will start there....well actually it was pretty much the same as the 12 wk. Quick U/S to show one perfect lil baby...here is that pic

Today's OB appt was a little more interesting. To start off Dave and Jenn were able to make it down for this one, so it was the first time they were able to hear the lil ones heartbeat in person. Doc says HB is perfect at 150bpm. They were also able to determine that the lil bean is in fact a wee LAD!! YEPPERS Doctor believes they indeed have a BOY!! For anyone who knows how to see those things on U/S maybe u will see it too.

There you have it...baby K's boy parts.?! and Here is a less provocative picture of him waving hello...
And last but not least a belly pic of me this afternoon. Finally getting a noticeable baby bump.

How am I doing?? Well thanks for asking...:) Still not feeling much different, very few flutters that are indicative of baby movement, but not too much activity as of yet. Still having slight cramping mostly at nights which I am pretty sure are just BH Contractions.
Overall this pregnancy has been quite easy for me. I am currently recovering from what proved to be a very bad sinus/respiratory cold...Mucinex is my new best friend.
I have also been having a rough time with recurrent anxiety attacks(anxiety is something that I have battled for years)and even though I swore that I would make it through this entire pregnancy antidepressant free, it is becoming clear that I may have been overly optimistic. It is to the point now where I have to wonder if the emotional stress is actually going to do the baby more harm than any medication will. The main problem with this is that my old Psychologist decided that they wouldn't accept my new insurance plan so they dropped me about 2 yrs ago, Since then my family Dr. was treating my anxiety if/when it gave me problems...however they will not See me for this problem while I am pregnant....
The OB, upon hearing this news, gave me the name of a local Psychologist that may be able to provide some options that I can live with for the next 20+ wks if I do in fact decide to tough it out with/out meds. So i guess it is worth looking into.?? Only time will tell, and when it does tell...So shall I tell you all! Until next time.....................................................................................:)


  1. Oh yeah... definitely a boy! Good luck with your anxiety issues.