Sunday, July 22, 2012

28wk Fun

Well it has been another crazy busy week. I managed however to go and get the 1 hr glucose test done and last weekend we went for the 3D U/S...Here are a few of the  pics that D&J got from the 28 wk U/S. 
 I am starting to think this kid is gonna be born with one very stiff arm, as he has had it up by his head like in every U/S we have had...

 This was my first experience with the 3D U/S and I must say, it was pretty cool to get to actually get an idea of what he will look like.

According to the U/S tech he is still measuring an EDD of 9/30...which is 1 wk ahead of schedule so there is a good chance we are already in our final 10 wks :)

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Well today I went in for my 27wk checkup...I can hardly believe how fast this is all flying by. It seems like just last week that I was telling everyone about the 20 wk appointment. Now here we are 7 whole weeks have gone by!!

I just happened to peek at my little countdown calender widget this morning and saw that there is only 89 days until Baby K's due date! Wow, that actually sounds better than 13 wks, this is getting very real...and the closer we get the more excited I am getting for D&J. The closer we get to Due date I am also finding it very strange but also kind of comforting that I don't feel any real emotional or should I say maternal bond to this baby. I have heard a thousand surrogates say the same thing but never really understood what they meant until just recently. Now I'm not saying I don't love the little guy already...he is my nephew and I am just as excited as the next family member to meet him, but it truely is different than when you are pregnant with your own kids and I am happy about it because...well...he isn't mine, so I'm pretty sure it is supposed to feel different?? Am I wrong?

Anyways, Baby K is still doing just fine as am I. Doctor said today that I am the easiest patient she has ever had...what can I say, I have always had uneventful pregnancies...and that is just fine for me. Baby is still not a super active little guy, IM says he is just being polite since he knows he's living in borrowed space, the doc insists it is just because I am so active. Today she told me to start doing fetal kick counts and that as long as he moves around 10 times in an hour during his most active parts of the day(for me it seems to be bedtime) that he is perfectly fine and no red flags will be raised. I am comfortable with that strategy since I know for sure he moves that much at least.

Saturday we get to go in for the 28wk 3D U/S. I never got a 3D with any of my own kiddo's, so I'm super excited to get to experience this one with D&J.
Sometime next week I have to find some extra time to go get the 28 week glucose tolerance test's the one thing I find repulsive in pregnancy, but I suppose it is necessary so I will suck it up and get it done like a good girl :)

Hopefully we get some great pics of the little guy to share with you all this weekend...
The next few wks and months are surely gonna be busy as my divorce will be finalizing and me and all the kids will be moving into our new home and I'm not gonna even try and promise to update often. But I will try, especially as we near the home stretch.